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1 Mar , 2015  

Fun Groups – Nice People !

Fitbit Invitation to some high stepping motivational groups !
Motivation galore – 4,000 members and going strong! We are walking right now! Live workouts and stats posted !

Really, really nice people in our group/room: – (being Friends on Facebook is not necessary)

We post pictures of where and how we get our steps, articles of interest, low calorie recipes, nutritional information, etc.

You can also try the link to join: Highlight the links, right click and hit “go to” or copy and put in your browser:

We also have a leaderboard too on the Fitbit site 1100 members – here is the link:

If the above does not work for you – email me with the email you want me to send to and I will send you an invite –

We also have started a mini-trampoline stepping group – see what all the buzz is about – called rebounding –

Happy Stepping! Check out the Fitbit website above and find us !
Fitbit (Red Tennis Shoe Group)

We also have started a running group – awesome joggers and runners in the group ! Planet Earth Running Group –

We also have the “Let’s Eat Clean” Group – where we post our recipes, meals and informative information !







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